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Request for Support

Although we are focused on supporting Pinal County Animal Care & Control, we very much appreciate the rescue organizations that assist PCACC by pulling animals to get them adopted.

Where we can, we try to help smaller rescue organizations that don't have sufficient resources to provide medical care to the animals they pull from the shelter. This medical care should be that which is life-saving and/or improves adoptability.

If your rescue organization needs help, please complete the form to the left to ask us for help. We will have additional questions for you, but this will get the ball rolling.

Requirements for Funding

Please note that although we want to help everyone who asks, we do not have limitless resources and rely on our donors to support our efforts. To that end, the more information you provide us, the better. Photos of the animal pre- and post-medical care are helpful, as are vet bills. 

If we fund your request, we will also ask that you provide us information about how our funding made a difference. We'd also really appreciate your providing us any additional information on the animal as you receive it.


How can we help?

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